Every child should be celebrated as a unique human being and be given every opportunity to excel in life.


Babicare's vision is to empower parents in their parenting role through information and activities around babies emotional, social and physical development from conception to two years. 


Parent–child attachment or bonding is essential for a baby’s and mother's wellbeing.  Being responsive and showing love to a baby will suport positive brain development which is a foundation for their emotional, social and physycial development. 


Please contact us if you would like to add new translations for your country or like to see a babicare app developed for where you live.

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About the author


Helen Mack RN, B.A Nurs,, MANurs (MntlHlth), PDip (Paed,.Youth Comm. Nurs)

The Author of Babicare, Helen Mack, has an extensive history of employment in Queensland and South Australia in early childhood services including working with vulnerable families, within mothers and babies units, baby sleep units and coordination of a parent helpline in South Australia. She is has a Batchelor of Nursing with post Grad Dip qualifications in Maternal Child health and at Masters in Mental health. The babicare app was birthed as part of a Masters Project at Flinders university and evaluated with an honours program at Monash University. Helen has used her experience and knowledge of the health setting to develop the app content, links and layout. Helen has observed first hand the struggles parents endure as well as health professionals when trying to share key message.


The Babicare app is a non-commercial app and has been designed to link into local non commercial evidence based resources to support government initiatives for best outcomes for babies and their parents. Different languages can be incorporated into the app with individual links into web based resources to compliment individual counties needs. Please enquire if there is any interest. 



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