Babicare Play activities 1-2 months




Babies need supervised tummy time every day to strengthen their neck muscles. Try tummy time by using a small pillow or rolled up towel under your baby’s chest. Let your baby push with their feet to try and reach for a toy in front of them.




Try to work out what your baby is trying to say. They will tell you things through their facial expressions, crying, leg and arm movements and sounds.


Read books - Babies up until six weeks can only see about 30cm. They will still enjoy having a book read to them. They will listen to your voice, look at the pages and love the cuddles. It is a great way for Dad to get involved.


Baby will enjoy looking at your face. They may try to copy your mouth movements and facial expressions.


Poke your tongue out at your baby and see if she/he tries to copy you by poking their's back out?


Before picking up your baby say ‘up’ ‘up’ ‘up’. Give a gentle tickle and smile. Your baby is trying to communicate and wants to play. 


Talk and sing to your baby as much as you can.


Explain the steps you take to change your baby's nappies or having a bath.


Name what baby sees out loud. Naming things helps language development. Start to name body parts, water, bottles, soap, towel and their bed.


Before picking up your baby say ‘up’ ‘up’ ‘up’. Give a gentle tickle and smile. Your baby is trying to communicate and wants to play. 


Copy baby’s mouth movement and facial expressions and wait to see if they copy you back.




TIP: Imitating your baby’s sounds, talking to them, and gazing into their eyes will help them feel safe and secure. Feeling safe and secure  forms a positive foundation for your baby to develop physically, socially and emotionally. 


TIP: Be aware of your own emotions as broken sleep and constant demands of baby can be draining. Don’t hesitate to get support if you need it, as baby will also feel the heightened emotions you feel.


TIP: Your babies self-esteem will strengthen as you show them how proud you are.. If they become grizzly or turn their head away, it is likely they have had enough of the activity or may need to sleep.


Try a baby massage if you haven’t already.





Blow raspberries and kisses on your baby’s stomach, cheeks and neck. Start by opening your mouth wide, then draw back and make eye contact and smile. Baby’s reaction will let you know how much they are enjoying this activity.





TIP: If you are experiencing overwhelming feelings of sadness or not coping, talk with your Doctor or maternal child health nurse.




TIP: TV, DVD and Computer screen time can be unhealthy for a child. It can be habit forming and negatively affect their attention span. It is advisable for baby’s healthy development not to have any screen time for the first two years of their lives.


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