The babicare app initiative focus’s on infant/ parent attachment and mental health. It supports parents in their parenting role and furthermore supports existing Midwifery/early childhood services.


The free babicare application links into existing services and supports Australian key initiatives such as 'safe sleeping' and early detection and intervention of post natal depression.  The graphics by Deb Carson have been designed to meaningfully engage with parents.


The Author of Babicare,

Helen Mack,

RN. B.A M.ANurs (Mntl Hlth), PDip Child Youth Comm Nurs

Has an extensive history as a clinical nurse in Queensland and South Australia early childhood services supporting vulnerable families. She has worked a family visiting program, withinin a mothers and babies units, baby sleep units and has coordinated of a parent helpline in South Australia. She is has a Batchelor of Nursing with post Grad Dip qualifications in Maternal Child health and a Masters in Mental health.  Helen has used her experience and knowledge of the health setting to develop the app content, links and layout. Helen has observed first hand the struggles parents endure as well as health professionals when trying to share key messages to clients with little or no prior experience with a positive parenting model. 


our support team:

Dr Kay McCauley  

PhD, MN, MN (res), Grad Dip Adv Nsg (Psych), Grad Cert HEd, BN, RN, RM, NICU Cert, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, FACMNH, FACM

My PhD, completed in 2009, for which Professor Jayashri Kulkarni and Wendy Cross were my supervisors, was with the School of Psychology, Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine/School of Nursing and Midwifery at Monash University. This was a national study titled: ‘Psychosis in Pregnancy’- best practice in the management, and the experiences, of women with serious mental illness in pregnancy and postpartum. The project involved the establishment of the National Register of Antipsychotic Medication in Pregnancy (known as NRAMP). The register based at the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre has now been running for eight years, and continues to gather vital information on the outcomes of psychotropic use in pregnancy for mothers and babies across Australia.  This niche research now provides guidance to clinician’s including medical practitioners who are prescribing antipsychotic medication in pregnancy; and to the women and their families. The study also explored the management of women with serious mental illness in pregnancy and postpartum, within mental health and maternity services in Victoria; as well as following the ten women as case studies to understand their experiences of psychosis, pregnancy and motherhood. I have published widely on these topics.


Dr Thane Camwell

PhD Psychology


Interesting info

The Australian Department of Health acknowledges ‘the best chance of preventing mental disorders or providing early intervention to minimize the impact of mental illness across the lifetime is during childhood’. Strategic outcome indicators have been established for priorities including ‘improved family functioning and parenting skills’. Key strategic indicators have been developed which include monitoring family factors, increased community education and evidence based programs related to promotion, prevention and early intervention. 


The (World Health Organization (WHO) has been endeavoring to bring effective health technologies together to address ‘global concerns’. A particular foci within the call is maternal, newborn and childcare (WHO, 2014).  We have been able to create an avenue to share a resource that could be recreated to embrace different cultures and subcultures and can be used for research.  We could effectively bring relevant information to mothers that could improve baby outcomes on the interenational market. 


Whats happening?

Helen Mack ( RN. B.A M.ANurs (Mntl Hlth), PDip Child Youth Comm Nurs) will be attending the Australian Mental Health Nurses Conference in Canberra to share the babicare concept and  application with other professionals in March 2015.


Futher evaluation through the Nursing Honours program at Monash University in 2015.



Supporting team

Dr Kay McCauley PhD, MN, MN (res), Grad Dip Adv Nsg (Psych), Grad Cert HEd, BN, RN, RM, NICU Cert, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, FACMNH, FACM

Dr Thane Camewell PhD (Psychology)


16/1/15 Email from Australian Health and Ageing department - Canberra. A meeting has been arranged to discuss the babicare app.

1/4/15 From Canberra Health Department

Hi Helen,

 At the recent Maternity Services Inter-Jurisdictional Committee teleconference on Friday 20 March, I mentioned that the Department had met with you to talk about the app you had developed.  I gave the committee a brief summary of the app and forwarded a copy of your email with your PowerPoint presentation to the committee secretariat who has since provided it to the members of the Committee. The Committee seemed quite interested in the app.
Regards, Adrian Riches
A/g Director
Primary Care, Infrastructure and Allied Health Section
GP and Allied Health Branch
Department of Health
Phone: (02) 6289 9043

18th April 2015 shared the app in oral and poster presentation at DoHAD conference.. interest to use app for research tool with Academics. 

20th April 2015 shared the app in a poster at the PSANZ conference.

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