Babicare's mission is to improve parent-child wellbeing. Babicare has been developed to be easily accessible and technologically friendly. It has the potential to be used as a widespread innovative solution to work towards better outcomes for our next generation and can be used as a tool for research. Babicare supports key strategic messages such as early intervention for post-natal depression and positive infant mental health.


Babicare can be developed for different countries and subcultures to support local strategies and link into existing resources. Babicare's aim is to align itself with Government//Organisational ideals. We have the ability to change content, images and linkages to provide countries and subcultures a unique and culturally sensitive approach to maternal child health care. 


We are currently working on partnering with different countries to support Government outcome measures. 


Please contact below if you would like to be part of this exciting initiative. 

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