Babicare Play activities 0-1 year

Feeding sleeping and good hygeine are of course important but what else....


Babies more than anything, need your loving touch, soothing voice and to look at your beautfiful  face. Your baby will know world is safe and secure through your love and affection.


When baby stares at you, gaze into their eyes, this will help them feel loved, safe and secure which is one of the most imporant foundations for growth.


Touch of your skin: Baby will feel comforted by the touch of your skin and lying on you listening to the rythmic movements of you breathing.


Baby Massage




Read books - Babies up unti six weeks can only see about 30cm..

Books with a  sharp contrast of colours and thick black lines around the pictures are best. Your baby will follow the black outline of the picture with their eyes. They will also love to listen to your voice and love the cuddles. It is also a great way for Dad to get involved.


SIng to your baby


Rock your baby gently to music



Baby Cues or Signs: Each sound and movement will mean something different. Try to work out what your baby is saying through their movements and sounds. Knowing your baby tired signs helpsl you support with their sleep before they become overtired, overstimulated and become more difficult to get to sleep. 

Tired signs: Your baby may be grizzley, tense in their movments, may frown and clench their fists. 

Hungry signs: Usually suck on their fists or fingers, open their mouth, make sucking motions and search for the breast or bottle. 

When your baby loves what you are doing: When your baby babbles, smiles and turns to you, reaches towards you and gazes at you with bright eyes. 

You wll know your baby needs a break when they turn away, look at something else, frown, shut their eyes tightly, yawn become fussy and/or arch their back.


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