Babicare Play activities 11-12 months


11 months is known as the ‘world of sequences’.


  • They are beginning to know that there may be an order of doing things to reach a goal.

  • Seem able to ‘put two and two together'.

  • Aware of what they are doing and able to consciously sequence events.




Your baby will look for responses when they are look at people and will be moulded by the experiences they have. Good experiences will make them feel like the world is a safe and enjoyable place to be. 


Repetition of experience will guide their behaviors and understanding of their world.



Babies need to feel safe and secure as a foundation to their growth and development. A safe place is a place where they can explore their world without fear of being hurt and their needs are met. It is a normal part of baby’s development that they show some distress when the main caregiver isn’t present. 




Activity: Face your baby into the mirror and watch what happens.


Activity: Try building an obstacle course, indoors or outside, using pillows, boxes, and old tyres. Encourage them to get through or over each obstacle. You may need to show them how. 


Activity: Your baby will be trying to see which things go together and how they go together. They will  try to put them into each other, pile them on top of each other, or piece them together.


Activity: Use fruit and vegetables to make funny faces out of food. Encourage a made up story about your funny face. 


Activity: Encourage healthy finger foods to help develop their fine motor skills.


Activity: Use an old shoebox and string to make a pull-along trolley for your baby. Do not leave baby unattended with string, rope or cords.


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