Babicare Play activities 10-11 months

Follow your baby’s lead as they explore. Babies will begin to examine things closely, be more methodical and start to take things apart. Your baby may also start to follow simple instructions such as "Can you give me a hug?"




Social: You will begin to realize your baby is becoming more independent from you, at the same time when you leave them alone even for short time they can burst into tears. As hard as it can be always say goodbye when you have to leave.




Nutrition: You may notice your baby has an increase of appetitive, often due to their increase in activity with crawling or cruising. Most babies will need healthy snacks in-between their breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep their energy up. By now their diet should be looking more like your family meal. If babies have a healthy diet by 12 months they will no longer need formula and can go onto a healthy family meal with extra milk drinks or cheese to boost calcium intake.




Activity: Let your baby try and turn pages of a book. Read, read, read. Reading helps your baby learn a new language, stimulates thier imagination and gives great one on one time with you. 

Activity: Blow through a straw to make a small object move. WAtch to see if your baby tries to copy you.


Activity: Use tubes, like an old paper roll, to talk through. Different sizes will produce different sounds.





Encourage as much movement as you can as it strengthens your babies muscles. Make sure your home is safe for baby to explore, as he gets more mobile.


Activity: Babies will love activities with cause and effect: things that open and shut or seesaw up and down. A  hard rectangle piece of wood on a something cylinder like a can underneath in the middle of the wood can create a seesaw. If you can soft toy on one side and bang down the other side the toy will fly off. Your baby will love watching this over and over again. 


Activity: Make an obstacle course for your baby to climb over, cushions, blankets and boxes. 


Activity: Pouring water helps baby's hand-eye coordination. Give your baby plastic cups bowls containers, funnel and ones wtih a holes. Show your baby how to pour water out of the bucket and put it back. When they are confident help them to pour larger cups into smaller ones. TIP: Always supervise around water


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