Babicare Play activities 12-15 months




Telling stories, singing songs and nursery rhymes will encourage your toddlers speech and imagination and they will love spending time with you. 


Name colours of objects or if you peg your clothes to the clothes line, encourage them to pass the pegs. Remember to name the colour of the pegs as they pass them. 


You may find your baby starts to point to body parts when you name them.




Name out loud the emotions you think your baby is experiencing. This helps them understand their world and evenutally use names rather than actions to show how let you know how they are feeling. 


Try to establish some time where your baby plays by themselves with you nearby so they learn how to explore and create using their own imagination. 


You may start to see your baby come to hug you more. 




Take your toddler to the shops and point to things and tell them their names, talk about what colour and shapes they are. 


Involve your toddler with other toddlers as much as possible. At this stage they won't understand the concept of sharing but they will enjoy looking and being with other children.


Always say 'thankyou' if your baby offers you something and please may I have when you ask for something. This teaches them sociall acceptable norms. 


Your toddler will love to copy what you do. Encourage then to help sweep and dust the house.




Encourage your toddler to help in the garden. They can pick up sticks and leaves and look at the different plants. Let them feel them and create things out of what they find. 


Take your toddler to the beach if you are close enough to feel the sand between their toes.


Mud play: Dirt and water can be a lot of fun for a toddler, they can create, slip around, mush the dirt into shapes and make channels for the water to flow in. 


Put a sheet over a table as a cubby house to play in. Set up with some plastic cups or plates to help them pretend they have their own house. 


Involve your toddler in the kitchen as much as you can, let them try to wash fruit or vegetables or stir the food - make sure of course it is not near anything hot or that may spill on them. 


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