Babicare Play activities 15-18 months




Children learn by experience. Positive attention shows they are valued and capable of bringing pleasure to others.Your child will grow into a confident young person if they know they are valued




Your child will be watching all you do and trying to copy you. Let them help you whenever you can.


Encourage your child to have a picnic with their toys. Set out a rug with plastic plates and cups and set any teddies or dolls to join in. They will enjoy setting up for the picnic as much as the picnic itself. 


Give you child as much hugs and kisses as possible and lots of praise. Love and affection helps them develop emotionally and socially. 


Name out loud emotions that you think your child is feeling, this helps them understand what they are feeling. 




Show your child how to throw and catch balls. Create a goal using a bucket. 


Let your child feel different textures. Different textures of clothing, plants and objects can be quite interesting for your child. 


Buy some cheap stickers and place them on your child on different body areas. Take them off and name the body area the sticker is on. 




Name out loud emotions that you think your child is feeling, this helps them understand what they are feeling. 


Talk to your child as much as possible about what you are doing. Name colours, objects and actions.


Take turns in building a tower out of small cardboard boxes or blocks 


If you play sport or have an interest your child may be interested in, get them to join in where they can. 


Have a dress up box of different clothes, hats and jewelry. Clothes can just be old adult clothes for your child to dress up in and use their imagination for play. 


TIP: Spending time with your toddler will provide a long lasting memory and a positive long-term relationship.


TIP: Try to avoid and TV , Computer or phone time as it can be damaging to their physical and social development. 


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