Babicare Play activities 18-21 months


Take turns building a tower with blocks. Blocks can be made out of old milk cartons or other recycled food packaging.


Let your toddler help with food preparation when possible. Even just putting cucumber in a salad or tearing of lettuce is entertaining for toddlers.



Try to name the emotions your child feels so they start to make sense of their world.


Praise your child for trying new things whether they get them right or not. Positive praise helps them feel special and see the world in a positive way. 


TIP: Spending time with your toddler will provide a long lasting memory and a positive long-term relationship.


TIP: Try to avoid and TV , Computer or phone time as it can be damaging to their physical and social development. 




Read Read Read, where possible get your child to finish off the word in the book or read themselves, even if it is mostly babble, it will still help.


Use outings such as shopping to show them colours, shapes, talk about food types.  


Take them outside and talk about the  leaves on trees, the ground below, let them touch them and talk about the shapes and colours and how they feel. 




If able, provide your toddler with non toxic crayons, paints and brushes and paper to encourage his fine motor skills and creativity.


Make shapes with play dough. Teach your child about colours and textures as you play. Check link below for a simple play dough recipe

1 cup flour
1/3 cup salt
1/2 cup water
2 teaspoons canola oil
METHOD;  Mix the dry ingredients first, then slowly pour in the wet ingredients. Knead until smooth and store in a covered container. If desired, add a few drops of food coloring to the wet ingredients before adding to the dry.


Use games that need sorting, e.g. all the spoons together, coloured pegs and cups. Name colours and shapes to help them learn.


Bath play is always a lot of fun. They will enjoy playing and experimenting with plastic kitchenware, funnels and cups. Try adding soap gel and create a lot of bubbles to play in.

It is normal for children to have a great sense of humour; a funny dance or funny face can set them off with a giggle or laughing hysterically.


'Imaginative play' is when your 18-month-old starts to 'pretend'. Watch from a distance as your little one starts to feed their toys or put them to bed with a kiss. When they pretend to cook or cut logs in the back yard, it is important that you are the guest and your little takes charge of their own show, where he makes the rules. Constant hovering can inhibit his creativity, so do your best to just supply the props. Well, done you have got to the age where your toddler can play alone, and you may actually get a few minutes to yourself, so enjoy it


Enjoy some outdoor play, such as parks, the backyard or beach, where they can safely run and explore.


Try hide and seek play, hide behing the curtain or chair and call to them. Let them try to hide as well. 


TIP: Allow as much free play as you can in your toddlers day. One formal planned activity or outing is usually enough for a day. It is good for your toddler to initiate things to do himself.


Try puzzles with two or three pieces.


Use puppets made out of old socks or wooden spoons with faces on them and make up stories.


TIP: Use mealtimes to talk and share, spending quality time with each other. Try to think of some the many fun things to do as a family.


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