Babicare Play activities 2-3 months

You will notice your baby recognises your face and voice and often responds with laughs, giggles and ‘coos’. Your baby will be keen to connect with you so talk to them as much as possible and try to make them part of your families routine.

For example: keep them close by when your family sits down to eat. 




Activity: Copy your baby’s sounds. Watch their enjoyment as you try.


Make up songs and rhymes which names body parts. This activity helps baby put names to things they see. Your baby may not understand all the words but will enjoy the rhythm of your voice adn time with you. 


Activity: Read, read and read to your baby whenever you get a chance. Being with you, hearing your voice and looking at the pictures will support their overall development.


Activity: Talk to your baby. Your baby will listen to your voice and make noises back to you as if they were talking to you. Laugh and smile as much as you can.


TIP: Play will give your baby opportunities to learn about their world and develop motor skills.




TIP: Take baby’s emotional expressions seriously and respond to them. Your baby will be watching your facial expressions and it will affect how they react.


TIP: Tell them how proud you are when they learn something new. 


Looking at and playing with objects will give baby opportunities to learn about their world and support their development, specifically their motor (muscular or movement) skills.


Activity: Put some brightly coloured objects out in front of your baby. Watch them as they try reach and explore the new object.

Try a baby massage if you have already 



Playing with different objects will help your baby learn about their world. Watch as they look at and examine each new object or toy. 


TIP: Babies can choke  if small objects are put into their mouths. Consider the safety of each object or toy you give them. 


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