Read, read and read, over and over again, Let them finish the sentence whenever they can.


Take every opportunity to point to things and engage them in conversations. 


Show and talk about different types of textures, colours and flavours of food.



Give you toddler a chance to play with others, Remember at this stage they still believe everything around them belongs to them, so sharing is not something they have grasped onto yet. 


TIP: Keep ‘screen time’ (TV, computers, phones) to a minimum. Children are much better adjusted if they develop through play and interaction with people.


Name the emotions you think your child is feeling. Encourage them also to use words for the feelings they feel. 


Positive comments about what they are doing is important as it helps your child feel safe and appreciated. This is important for their sense of positive wellbeing. 

Babicare Play activities 21 months - 2 years



Use your imagination to present food, make a funny face out of different types of fruit or vegetables


Draw a chalk line on the ground and ask your toddler to walk on it to see if they can keep thier balance.


Sort out different tools or kitchen utensils into groups. For example stirring objects in one group, cups in another. 


Sort out tools you use into different groups, for example screw drivers from biggest to smallest.

Take your child to the shops and get them to help by taking things off the shelf when safe to do so. Use this time to teach them about produce, colours and different setions of the shop you go to. 


Kick or throw a ball to your child to support hand-eye coordination development.


Name the colours and count the besads to help your toddler learn.


Your toddler will enjoy playing in the dirt or sand with water. Toddlers will enjoy making roads, houses and drive small toys down them in their play.


Try planting a small garden bed of seasonal vegetables, tend the plants together until they produce something to eat. 


'Hide and seek' is always a winner. 


Encourage your child to look at non-posionous insects, small animals or reptiles.  Use a magnifying glass will help you see them at their best. Take time to talk to your child about what you see and how we need to look after nature. 


Water play is always a winner... make sure your child is always supervised around water. 


Buy a few metres of builders plastic, lay the plastic on some grass, add some dishwashing detergent on it, followed with flowing water. Encourage your child to run and slide on the plastic sheeting.


Encourage scribbling with crayons on paper and pasting pictures onto the paper. 


TIP: if you put the picture they create on the wall, it is a reminder of how special their efforts are. 


TIP: work our your child's special strengths and abilities and encourage them in them. 


Helping you cook or even clean can be a fun activity for a child. Praise their enthusiasm even if they don’t do a perfect job!


Your child will love to help blow out candles from a birthday cake.

Look up at the clouds and see if the clouds look like something.. ie a cat or dog or motor car. 


Pretend you are a frog or kangaroo and jump with both feet and watch your child try to copy your action.


Read up on your child's development from 2-3 years on 

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