Babicare Play activities 3-4 months

Lie on the floor and lift your baby up horizontally above you making gentle airplane noises. Watch your baby's face to see their enjoyment. Match baby's enthusiasm with your own. If baby is not enjoying this stop the activiity and try again at another time. - they may be tired.


Take baby outdoors to feel the wind in his face. Take time to look at the plants and enjoy the fresh air. 


Place holes in a drink container and fill it with water, watch your baby enjoy the little shower you have made. 


While baby is on your lap bounce them gently, singing songs like Humpty Dumpty and London bridge is falling down. 


Put your baby in front of a mirror and watch their reaction.




Emotional: Babies will recognise different faces and more and more will know the difference between you as parents and strangers. Your baby will make good eye contact with you, want to study your face and may laugh out loud.


TIP: Be careful not to overstimulate your baby as they may find it difficult to go to sleep and may get grumpy. 


Help baby to understand their world by naming emotions you think your baby is feeling.

For example: sad, frustrated, happy.






Social: You may notice your baby's head turn in the direction  of your voice and smile. 
Talk to your baby from different parts of the room and watch their reaction. 

TIP: It is helpful for your baby's development for them to explore new objects and learn new skills. It is best if your baby takes the lead in their playtime. Babies are all unique. Watch them to see what they like the most and encourage them as much as you can.

Language: Babies often start to blow bubbles and may squeal and ‘coo’ and have more control over their voice. Your Baby will be listening to the rhythm of your voice and will notice the changes in your voice tone.
Read to your baby: Babies are never too young to read. Use books with large pictures and talk about what you see. Your baby will love to be close to you as they learn. Reading to your baby stimulates an interest in sounds and helps your baby develop listening skills. 
Babies love to copy sounds and will start to make sounds like ‘ah’ and ‘gooh’. They will love it as you copy their sounds. Try singing to your baby.
Note: All babies develop at different times. Consult with your doctor or maternal child health nurese if you are concerned about your baby’s development.
TIP: Keep small objects out of reach of your baby to prevent choking or injury. Let your child only play with objects or toys that are age appropriate and safe for them. Always keep your baby warm, dry and comfortable.


TIP: Toys do not have to cost a lot of money. Many toys are found in your cupboards. Plastic cups, pans and boxes can be things your baby enjoys touching and looking at. 


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