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Emotions: Your baby’s individual temperament is developing. Sometimes their enjoyment can be too intense and they may look away, then look back and return a smile. This is the way your baby is learning to regulate their emotions. Your baby is likely to express a number of emotions and feelings and will usually cry when not happy. Softer cries usually relate to sadness, tiredness or wanting attention and love.


Remember your baby is aware of noises and the tone of your voice and may become frightened if they do not feel safe and secure. Being responsive to your baby’s needs is important for their emotional health and overstimulation can cause your baby to be more unsettled.


Activity: It helps baby to understand their world by naming emotions you think they feel.


TIP: Baby will love to know they are clever and valued. They will enjoy your encouragement as they learn new skills. 




Social: You will notice your baby's individual personality is starting to bloom. Your baby will be very happy to see you and will also enjoy interactions with others unless they are tired, in pain or hungry. Your baby may hold their arms to greet you and as a ‘pick me up’ gesture.


Activity: If not already, consider attending a playgroup around the area for some social interaction for baby and you. If there is no playgoup consider meeting with friends or other mothers in the local area.




Your baby will be able to laugh out loud and make different sounds, and will often try to talk to you through babbling. You will notice they are able to change the shape of their mouth to make different sounds. Babies will begin forming words and join some words together such as ‘da’, ‘ma’ and ‘ba’.


Activity: Infants love hearing you sing and quoting rhymes. They will love to hear songs and rhymes with matching hand or body movements.

For example, make a game out of naming body parts. Sing, “These are your toes and these are Mama’s toes” while tapping the appropriate toes with your finger. Clap as well to emphasize the rhythms of songs.


Activity: Read to your baby: Reading to your baby will develop their language skills,

stimulate their imagination and improve their communication skills. 


Activity: Name everything you can, include your baby in conversations even if they can't 

understand yet.  Talk to your baby about their bath time, what the different colour of  bottles are, about their

nappy change or clothes changing. 




Activity: Pierce holes in a drink container for a shower in the bath.

Give your baby home made rattles out of old containers and seeds.


TIP: Make sure the container is shut tight and their is no of the cap coming off that may cause your baby to choke. 










TIP: Make sure baby is never left on beanbags or softer surfaces that may restrict breathing if he or she rolls over or gets smothered by the soft structure of the surface.


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