Babicare Play activities 5-6 months


Language: At 5 months babies may start to respond to their name when they hear it. They may also experiment with different sounds, such as loud or piercing noises. You may find your baby tries to mimic sounds and babble sounds like ga-ga, ba-ba, da-da and ma-ma. 
Babies are learning to communicate and may even try to carry on a conversation with you in their own babble. They will make a variety of different sounds and try to mimic your mouth movements and experiment with volumes and pitches of sounds. They are often quite pleased with the sounds they make.
Mimic your babies favourite sounds or noises as much as you can. They will feel like they are talking to you.
Read to your baby: Your baby may be interested in bright pictures and colours, and sharp contrast.  Repetition helps your baby build language skills. 
TIP: Put names to objects you are playing with or using, to support language development and social interaction
Social: Your baby’s personality is starting to shine. They will show approval for things they like and protest things they don’t like. Watch your baby play. Try to work out what they like and don’t like. Give them time to explore each object and find new ones. Support their play when they get frustrated or bored.

Watch how your baby reacts when things dissapear after dropping it. Place a cloth over a toy or object. Does your baby take the cloth off? Play "Peek-a-boo" games with your baby. 


Holding your baby gently bounce your baby on your lap and sing a rythmic song, at one point of the song open your legs and let them fall through still holding them . 


Play tickle games: For example, come closer with a toy and say " I'm going to tickle you, I am going to tickle you" then gently tickle them. Watch them laugh.

Emotional: Describe in words the emotions you think your baby is feeling to help them match words with their feelings. This helps them understand what they are feeing and put it into context of what is happening. 
TIP: Playgroups are a great way to talk to other mothers. Try your local council, library and community centre to find baby friendly groups.
Activity: Make a rattle to play with out of a drink container filled with rice or pasta. Ensure you glue the lid tightly shut so baby can’t choke on any small particles that may spill.

Activity: Try some outside time with baby on a blanket. Your baby will enjoy looking at the trees and hearing birds chirp.


TIP: Babies are becoming more mobile as they learn new skills, so consider the safety of your home.


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