Babicare Play activities 7-8 months



Social: Babies at this age can become wary of strangers and become more clingy to their main caregiver. Supporting them through their changing emotions gives them assurance that all will be Ok. If you need to leave your baby with someone, make sure you say goodbye and tell him or her you will come back.




Emotional: Common baby emotions are happy, sad, angry, bored & frustrated. You can help baby regulate their emotions by being attentive to their needs and using names for feelings you think they might be experiencing. For example "I can see you are frustrated at not being able to move that toy".


Activity: Clap your hands and watch them copy.


Activity: Give your baby the opportunity to use a spoon or fingers to pick up small soft food items, such as cooked soft peas. Drinking from a cup can be a fun activity to try.


TIP: If your baby is trying something that appears too difficult, where possible let them work it out, and only help if needed. Encourage them to take a break or do something different if they are frustrated or tired.


Separation anxiety can begin any time from 8-10 months. At this time babies begin to understand when the main caregiver isn’t around.  


TIP: If you have to leave your baby for a time with someone else, they will feel more secure with someone familiar and with a favorite toy. Always say goodbye when you go and greet them on return with extra love and affection.




Read to your baby: Vary the pitch of your reading and use different voices for different story characters. This will spark her interest in reading and make her feel reading is something to be enjoyed. 


Talk as much as you can about everything, whether it is a nappy change, what baby is eating, how they are feeling, repeat words as much as you can.


 Touch your and your baby's, nose, eyes, mouth and name the parts you are touching. 

Make blocks out of old milk cartons. Pile them high and watch your baby try to do the same.


Activity: Make a letterbox out of an ice-cream container and post objects. Watch your baby copy you.


TIP: You may find some changes to baby’s sleep patterns as they become more mobile.


Clap your hands and watch your baby try to do the same. 


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