Babicare Play activities 6-7 months


Language: Your baby will start to have more control over their voice. They will experiment with different sounds, volumes and pitches. They will make a variety of sounds and squeal when they are happy or excited. Reading books over and over again helps them develop language skills. 


READ READ and READ. Reading helps develop your baby's language and imagination. They will love books read over and over again. 


Repeat their favourite sounds. 


Introduce animal noises and take in tourns making different noises. Sometimes you can lead other times let baby lead. 


Talk about everything. Explain what you are doing even if just changing thier nappies.




Social: Baby will watch your face, mimic facial expressions, notice if you are sad, happy or angry and have some recognition for their own name. They will love looking in the mirror.


TIP: Keep ‘screen time’ (TV, computers, phones) to a minimum. Children are much better adjusted if they develop through play and interaction with people. It is recommended babies don't have any screen time until at least 2 years.




Emotional: Your baby will begin to show different moods through their body language sounds and expressions. See if you can work out what mood they are feeling and name the feeling or mood. 


Activity: Play ‘peek-a-boo’ games. Hide an object or yourself and say ‘Peek-a-boo’ when you stop hiding.


Activity: Show your child a new skill with a new toy or ball. Encourage them to do try something new, then sit back and watch them try.


TIP: Your baby’s self-esteem will increase if you show them you are enjoying their efforts. Let your baby know how proud you are of them, whether successful or not.



Let baby feed themselves as much as possible using their hands. They will usually enjoy eating but it does come with a lot of mess.


TIP: You can chop or mash a number of veggies up and keep them in the freezer for use when you are ready for them.


TIP: If there are allergies in the family, it is best to introduce one food type at a time making sure there are no allergic reactions from each of the foods.


TIP: If your baby becomes tired or irritable, finish feeding. It is important for baby to enjoy the food experience.


TIP: If baby doesn’t like the food the first time, offer it another time, they will often have a different preference at different times. If baby gets irritated, stop the activity and return to it later.


TIP: If you make a larger quantity of mashed food, it can be frozen in ice cube trays in small portions and be used when needed.

Activity: Give Rattles and soft plastic child friendly toys to play and chew on. Different types of rattles and sounds will give some new experiences for your baby.


TIP: As your baby gets more mobile you will have to consider their safety needs. 


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