Babicare Play activities 8-9 months

At 8 months your baby is beginning to work out how to pair up their motor skills (large muscles) with their senses. They maybe able to now see a toy from across the room and work out how to get to it. 




Your baby will be gaining a lot of new strength and may start to pull themselves up on things to prepare for walking. If your baby is not crawling yet, don’t worry some babies don’t crawl till later and some go straight to walking. 


Your baby will like banging blocks together and perhaps toss a ball in the air and try to put different size cups into each other. They may be able to pick up using their thumb and fingers smaller objects. 


TIP: All babies are different and develop at different rates. If you are concerned about your baby's development make a visit with your doctor or health professional.


Sleep: Many baby's at this age have two naps a day for about an hour or so in length and have about 10-12 hours sleep at night. No two babies the same, some babies will be sleeping through the night and some won't. 




Emotional: At 8 months your baby will have a sense of object permanence – knowledge you still exist when you can't be seen. Bed times can be a struggle as they can get anxious when they cannot see you.




Social: Babies usually respond best with a consistent routine, even if they struggle with anxiety when you are not around

Activity: Babies love animal books and soft toys. Make noises that sound like animals when reading books with pictures of animals or playing with soft toys.


Activity: Spend some time outdoors with your baby when possible. Talk about the trees, birds and about nature. Let baby feel different textures of trees and plants with their hands.


Read our loud to your baby even if just a few pages.  Reading will stimulate their imaginations and they will love being close to you.


TIP: Be careful, as there are some plants that are poisonous or prickly to touch. Many insects can pose a risk to your baby. There may also be small objects in the garden that they could choke on.


TIP: Make sure you keep small objects out of reach that could pose a chocking problem.


TIP: Toys are a great way to support your child’s play and development. The best toys are ones that support their inquisitive nature and imagination.

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