Babicare Play activities 9-10 months

From 9-12 months your baby will likely


  • Have definite likes and dislikes.

  • May start to pull themselves up on things and may walk with support

  • Feed them selves in a high chair.

  • Drink from a cup without a spout.

  • May resist you more.

  • Pick up things with their fingers.

  • Bang things together.


Around 9 months you will hear your baby say sounds such as ‘dada’ or ‘mama’ with meaning. 




Emotional and Social: Your relationship with baby is more important than achieving milestones. A secure relationship with a parent can your baby confidence to venture forward and mature emotionally. Responding to baby’s needs, lots of hugs, cuddles and positive attention will form healthy foundation for their emotional and social growth.


Activity: When baby is holding something, ask them "Please may I hold it?" Say a big "Thank you" when it is passed over, and then return it to your baby.


Activity: Peek a boo will still be a favourite, or hiding things then showing them again, saying Here it is. Watch babies reaction.


Talking develops the communication and helps them feel part of the family and special in your eyes. Pay attention to the things they say and how they communicate through their behaviour and emotioins. 


Consider what attracts your baby - what they are interested in.


Cuddle and roll on the floor together. 




Read to your baby: Ask them questions while you read.


Point to things in the book and then in the house that are the same. For example - see the fork and knife in the book then show in your kitchen drawers.


Watch babies actions, they will also be telling you things through their body movements. 


Talk a lot with your baby.


Make up repetitive songs which include objects that you can point to. 




Activity: Babies will enjoy playing with safe kitchen utensils and toys in the bath; some that float and some that sink like a spoon.


Activity: Babies will love to bang pots, lids, spoons and other safe utensils together.


Activity: Move to the beat of the music with your baby. 




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